Individual Evidence

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This research proposal demonstrates my knowledge of research design, statistics, and measurement. Specifically, this assignment required me to propose a research topic with a problem statement, identify the independent and dependent variables, and define a hypothesis set. By creating my own proposal, I demonstrated my understanding of research. My basic understanding allows me to evaluate and apply research in my future work. Interestingly, this was one of my first research method assignments, and since completion of my second statistics course my understanding of research has further developed, as evidenced by my next artifact.

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The above instrument critique of the Social Skills Improvement System (SSIS) is evidence of a developed understanding of data collection. In this instrument critique, there is a review of the test organization, test administration, psychometric properties, and standardization sample and norms. Next, based upon this review, I provide a critical analysis of the measure which demonstrates a deeper understanding of the test and test properties. By being able to analyze measures in such a way, I feel adequately prepared to help other professionals collect meaningful data, select measures that are appropriate for individual clients, and apply my knowledge to interpreting results. Ultimately, these skills contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of a client’s profile and, in turn, more effective interventions.

Summary of Competency

In brief, I feel that through my undergraduate research courses, my undergraduate capstone project, and the two research methods/statistics courses that were apart of this program, I am able to competently implement the principles of Domain 9 into my future work. I have learned how to interpret research findings, how to select appropriate measures, how to design research studies, how to collect meaningful data, and how to apply this knowledge when selecting interventions.

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