This project was created with the intention of presentation to school psychologists and other professionals. The presentation discusses the impact of socio-economic status and social media on self-esteem and self-concept. It provides strategies for teachers and parents to use to help improve the self-esteem of the student. Furthermore, the strategies provided in this presentation will help facilitate effective communication between parents, students, and the school psychologist. Certainly, focus on communication through collaboration, as discussed in Domain 2, will allow for effective implementation of services.

As mentioned above, the presentation was meant to be aimed at school psychologists. Despite this focus, I felt it was important to provide information for parents that school psychologists could disseminate. Throughout the program, collaboration and consultation was a large focus; it is also something that I have seen be effective in a school setting through my practicum. Thus, despite not being outlined in the syllabus, i thought it was necessary to provide strategies for this collaboration to further improve intervention in relation to self-esteem.